Four years of spiritual development enable our students to embody the qualities of the “Character of a Saint Joseph Graduate,” a formalization of the philosophy that has guided the Academy since its founding. A Saint Joseph Academy graduate lives unifying love through the following key attributes: empathetic justice, service to the dear neighbor without distinction, personal integrity and emerging wisdom.

When young women graduate from Saint Joseph Academy, the rest of their lives are forever deeply influenced by the charism of the Congregation of St. Joseph.
In the tradition of the Congregation of St. Joseph, the graduate of Saint Joseph Academy is a woman who lives Unifying Love through Empathetic JusticeService to the Dear Neighbor without DistinctionPersonal Integrity and Emerging Wisdom.

  • Unifying Love: Nourished by prayer, scripture and the sacraments, she exhibits inclusivity, mutuality and oneness in relationships with God, others and Earth.
  • Empathetic Justice: Devoted to doing justice with compassion and respect for others, she works for systemic change to bring about global equality.
  • Service to the Dear Neighbor without Distinction: Recognizing relationship as the primary service, she makes herself vulnerable in meeting the unmet needs of others.
  • Personal Integrity: Valuing the wellness of body, mind and spirit, she discovers and owns her unique gifts and skills, claims her leadership ability and moves forward with confidence, courage, honesty, and initiative.
  • Emerging Wisdom: Enlightened by intellectual curiosity, discernment and openness, she thinks critically, reflects regularly, broadens her perspectives, and embraces the challenges of new ideas.

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