JaguarBots Receive Judges Award in State-Qualifying VEX Robotics Competition

The VEX Robotics Team (JaguarBots) competed this past Saturday at Brookside High School State-Qualifying Tournament. 
The JaguarBots entered 17 students, divided into four teams, in the tournament that included 58 competing teams from Northeast Ohio high schools. 
The JaguarBots had a great day of competition where the top two teams finished in the "Sweet Sixteen" with 14th and 15th places. Those qualifying results led to three teams qualifying for the championship round of 16. In addition to great competition results, the team of Juniors Abigail Boehnlein, Adriana Gadd, Meagan Schneller and Kaelyn Nelson were given the Judges Award for excellence in their design process and evidence of strong teamwork in their judges' interview. Below are the teams and their placements.

  • Team A (15th Place): Sydney Smith '19 (sister of Tori Smith '17 and granddaughter of Marjorie Erb Timko '48), Ashleigh Smith '20 (sister of Tori Smith '17 and granddaughter of Marjorie Erb Timko '48), Tatiana Lipert '20 and Emily Austin '20
  • Team B (14th Place): Rhiannon Scebbi '20 (daughter of Brigette Ackerman Scebbi '88, sister of Bri Scebbi '17and granddaughter of Josephine Scuria Broszczuk '67), Meagan Figler '21 and Casey Brinker '21 (sister of Shannon Brinker Danzey '04 and Kelsie Brinker '16)
  • Team C (45th Place): Juniors Abigail Boehnlein (granddaughter of Dolores Boehnlein Riegelmayer '52), Adriana Gadd, Meagan Schneller and Kaelyn Nelson
  • Team D (23rd Place): Brynn Haas '20, Sophia Pedone '20, Palak Patel '20, Abby Collins '21 and Meghan McGilley '20
In this competition, the JaguarBots decided to make the switch to the new VEX V5 equipment which required each of the teams to change out many of their mechanical motors and learn a new programming language.  Each of the teams were very thankful to Lexy Soltesz '20, the lead programmer, as she learned the new programming requirements prior to the competition and made sure each team had a seamless transition on the competition field. Congratulations, JaguarBots!