Health Sciences Honors Program Experiences Hands-On Learning

The Health Sciences Honors Program has been busy gaining applicable skills and knowledge to benefit them in their future health-related careers, learning from our very own alumnae.
Last week, students visited Cuyahoga Community College - Western Campus for a STEM event organized by the Cleveland American Heart Association. They attended three learning different sessions, including learning about the health consequences of eating and drinking too much sugar, and participated in a session titled "Engineering Your Success," where students took leadership roles in creating a product. Dr. Emily Roach '02, a member of the Health Sciences Honors Program Advisory Board, taught students how to remove a tumor from a teddy bear's intestine!

Caroline Kessler '00 led small group discussions on her career as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic - Fairview Hospital and Avon. Mrs. Kessler explained while she is not in clinical practice, she works with doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical professionals on a daily basis to plan for emergencies that may take place in the Greater Cleveland area. Emergency preparedness covers a wide range. There can be emergencies that are arriving from the airport, I-90, events like the Republican National Convention, as well as, emergencies that happen inside of the hospital. Her advice to my students was: "be sure to make connections along the way, especially with the people you meet through the Health Sciences Honors Program. It's not always what you know, it is sometimes who you know."