President Kathryn Purcell Continues Her All Girls' Leadership Journey at Saint Joseph Academy

On July 1, Kathryn Purcell was warmly welcomed into her new role as President of Saint Joseph Academy.
Kathryn is thrilled to further immerse herself into our community and is eager to lead the Academy forward. She is passionate about the Saint Joseph Academy mission, rooted in the charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Kathryn comes to the Academy from Laurel School, where she was a teacher, coach and administrator for twenty-four years. She is extremely excited to be here, having been here for five weeks. Kathryn expresses her great passion for all-girls' schools and for helping girls find their voices and explore opportunities for leadership. "This requires a strong community and clearly the Academy has that! I believe in the power of young women and in their potential to do whatever they want. I love leading in an academic environment, and I work hard, as a servant leader, and try to listen and be fair. I believe that every living being is valuable and deserves respect and dignity. I am very interested in how we signal that everyone belongs in our community, day in and day out. Given that I come from an all girls’ school where history and tradition is valued, I also know that the superb education and long-standing traditions at Saint Joseph Academy deserve to be celebrated and protected."

Kathryn plans to connect with alumnae, so stay tuned for these opportunities. We are excited to have her expertise and passion as we begin a new chapter under her leadership at Saint Joseph Academy!