Samantha Rizk '22

Samantha Rizk '22 recently received the received the Allen Waddle Award for leadership from "Look Up To Cleveland."
The award recognizes an exceptional class member from the current class. Nominees are selected by Look Up program staff and advisors who identify standout class members who exhibit an outstanding work ethic, are natural leaders, work as team players, serve to unite their peers, and are active and enthusiastic participants good program attendance.

The Cleveland Leadership Center's program connects high school students to Cleveland and the people, places and projects moving it forward. The class is comprised of students from public, private, parochial and home schools throughout Cuyahoga County. "I wanted to participate because I am committed and dedicated to helping my community and making a difference in other people’s lives. In order to accomplish that, I needed to further develop my leadership skills and Look Up To Cleveland has allowed me to become the leader that I want to be," stated Samantha.

"Two projects I have been involved through this program include a Racial Equity Project and the Civic Vision Project. The Racial Equity Project includes holding a seminar with my fellow group members. This discussion will talk about structural racism and encourage participants to think critically about how racism affects them or their communities. The Civic Vision Project is the project that we will present at our graduation. This project includes our ideas to improve a certain neighborhood of Cleveland. I took a tour of the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood for my project. We made sure to ask our tour guide many questions to gain insights and knowledge about our neighborhood. I think the biggest lesson that I have learned is to always keep an open mind. It is really interesting to hear everyone’s perspectives in this program ranging from leaders in our community to the classmates who attend each session with me. I can apply this in my everyday life by making sure that I am always respectful of others’ opinions," shared Samantha.

At Saint Joseph Academy, Samantha is a member of the Mock Trial team, Environmental Concerns of Students Club, String Orchestra and the Health Sciences Honors Program. Outside of the Academy, she is involved in the Emerging Leaders Council at The Gathering Place.