Environmental Club Introduces New Recycling Initiative

The Environmental Club is taking the next step to keep trash out of the waste stream and add it to the recycling bin.
The club has teamed up with TERRACYCLE to help the Academy recycle more efficiently. Throughout the Academy building, there will be containers, like the one pictured, to recycle empty candy wrappers and snack bags (i.e. chips, snack bars, etc.). Please remember to make sure the item for recycling is completely empty before placing it in the container. 
Thank you, Environmental Club leadership members Fiona Kelly '23, Isa Merriman-Valez '23, Brianna Almasy '24, Rachel Garlock '24, Erin Hvizdos '24, Elizabeth Krotine '24, Emily Pavlick '24, Kalina Pernod '24 and Lily Kowalski '25 for helping to improve the Academy’s recycling efforts!