Cast and Crew of As She Likes It Shines

This past weekend, the cast as well as the stage and costume crew of As She Likes It talents’ shined.
Congratulations to the following students on their successful performances!
  • Cast: Maddie Roback ’23, Emma Welch ’23, Makaela Lubrano ’24, Emily Pavlick ’24, Keira Scott ’24, Charlotte Thompson ’24, Janine Yaman ’24, Elizabeth Gareau ’25, Nina Harris ’25, Bridget Masterson ’25, Riley Perz ’25, Tegan Webb ’25
  • Stage and Costume Crew: Reagan Casper ’23, Faith Kmiecik ’23, Julia Olle ’23, Melania Tymosch ’23, Julia McCafferty ’24, Abigail Neate ’24, Zoe Schmidt ’24, Elizabeth Jodon ’25, Jessica Nader ’25, Ella Okin ’25, Emily Ostrom ’25, Gianna Russo ’25, Angela Sharykina ’25, Grace Ljubi ’26, Lucy McBride ’26, Rachel Oldfield ’26
As She Likes It is an anthology of short plays that features women from Shakespeare’s canon. The characters step outside of the male-dominated context of their original works, sometimes into another time and place. These familiar women from classic stories may have had muted voices in Shakespeare’s plays, but here they take center stage to discuss the choices they have made and navigate the power structures that have controlled their lives. These plays offer great roles for women, opportunities for thoughtful scene study, educational exploration and a larger conversation about how these women’s stories resonate in our current era.
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