Kairos Parent/Guardian Letters Needed

For students attending the February 2-4 Kairos Retreat, we ask each parent/guardian to write a separate letter to their daughter.
One parent/guardian letter for each student will be read aloud to the entire group. Therefore, it is essential that every retreatant receives a parent/guardian letter. We assure you that this feature of the retreat has a very positive effect on the retreatants. It helps to further illustrate to the retreat participants that God is at work in every aspect of their lives. We will use the parent/guardian letters during a section of the retreat called “Encountering Christ in Others.” 
Letters can be emailed with the subject line “Parent/Guardian Letter” and daughter’s name to Kairos@sja1890.org, dropped off in the Main Office (attention: Mrs. Avila-John Parent/Guardian Letter and daughter’s name) or mailed to Saint Joseph Academy (att: Mrs. Avila-John) by Monday, January 30
Other family and friends are welcome to join in the letter writing. Letters from other family members or friends should only have the student’s first and last name on the envelope. 
Please note: Parents/guardians of students attending the March Kairos retreats will turn in their letters at a later date.