Saint Joseph Academy is committed to using the best and most up-to-date technology and methods to educate our students and communicate with members of the school community. Saint Joseph Academy students each receive their own personal laptop Chromebook through our 1:1 digital initiative called SJA+. The Chromebook allows learning to be a 24/7, collaborative effort for students.

Questions? Please contact our Technology Director, Laura DeFabio, at 216.251.6788.

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  • What technologies do students use at Saint Joseph Academy?

    At SJA, students have access to a wide-range of various technologies, from Olympus digital cameras and Sony HandyCams in our Digital Photography and Film classes, to Vernier probes and Lego NXT Boards in our Science and Engineering classes. 

    All students have Chromebooks through our 1:1 digital initiative called SJA+.

    Every classroom at SJA has a touch-sensitive SMARTBoard and projector that is compatible with many different devices.

    Additionally, available for daily use are:
    • (6) Windows Laptop Carts
    • (2) Apple OS X Laptop Carts
    • (1) Apple iPad Cart
    • (1) Windows Desktop Labs
    • (2) Apple OS X Desktop Lab
  • Why so many options?

    We believe in the philosophy of "Creating Users." When students graduate from SJA, we want to have given them the opportunity to touch as many types of technology as we can in preparation for college and beyond.
  • SJA+

    Every student will be issued a Google Chromebook to be used in the classroom, as well as at home, for educational purposes, to make learning a 24/7 experience. Teachers at Saint Joseph Academy have been trained to use various technologies for instruction, assignments, projects, research and assessment in preparation for this learning initiative.  

    To help SJA families prepare for this initiative, the Technology Department will host the SJA+ BOOT//:camp to assist parents and students in becoming familiar with their Chromebook and prepare to use it as a learning tool.

    Prior to receiving her Chromebook, every student must attend one section of our BOOT://camp.

    For information on the SJA+ Boot//:camp, please contact Nick Gunzburg at 216.251.6788 x278.
  • Chrome Academy

    To help SJA families prepare for SJA+, the Technology Department hosts Chromebok Academy to help parents and students become familiar with their Chromebook and prepare to use it as a learning tool.

    During Chromebook Academy, each student obtains her Chromebook, carrying case, and power adapter. The Chromebook will then be inventoried, and both student and parent(s) will gather to go over a quick orientation on how to use, care for and make the most of your Chromebook. Both student and parent(s) will then sign the SJA+ Student/Parent/Academy Agreement form and will be on their way.

    Prior to coming to Chrome Academy, students and parent(s) must read the SJA+ Device Policy, the SJA+ Lost/Stolen Device Reporting Form, How to Care for Your Chromebook, and the SJA+ Student/Parent/Academy Agreement Form. Available under Technology Policies and Procedures.

    Sessions last between ninety minutes and two hours. These are not drop in and leave sessions, but rather sit down training sessions that both parent and student must attend.


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Nick Gunzburg

Technical Support