Maggie Cornelison '19

Maggie Cornelison '19 recently gave a TED Talk to Mrs. Paula Conti's class, Women Leading in the 21st Century, focused on her experience with Saint Joseph Academy's service trip to Louisville, Kentucky last summer.
In this class, students develop the skills needed to influence both the local and global community for the common good through studying models and theories of leadership.
"My TED Talk was centered on the idea that being open to connecting with others can change the person's and your own life.  I met some incredible people in Louisville because I was open to connecting with them. I wanted to share the small changes I had made in my life that have allowed me to become more connected to those around me. Service is important to me because each act is so unique and often challenges me to gain a new perspective. I think that trying to learn something everywhere you go is an important habit to build," shared Maggie. 
At Saint Joseph Academy, Maggie is a member of the Science Olympiad team, Entrepreneurship Club and Writing Club.