Honors Geometry Designs and Creates City Street Maps in Makerspace Innovation Lab

Students in Math teacher Mr. Christopher Kenny's Honors Geometry classwere paired together for a parallel lines city project to complete in the Makerspace innovation lab. 
"Students designed a city street map in the CorelDraw program. After they designed the street map, they engraved their city maps on wood. After the maps were engraved, the students taped pictures of buildings or three-dimensional buildings designed in the Makerspace innovation lab to various street corners on their maps. Because of this assignment, students were able to connect engineering to mathematics," explained Mr. Kenny.

"For this project, we had to have different alternate interior angles, vertical angles, coordinate angles and more. This project tied back to what we are learning in Mr. Kenny's class. We picked street names and my partner wanted to choose classic rock, including Billy Joel and The Beatles. This project took two class periods to complete. The part that took the most work was learning how to engrave the board and put together. I really enjoyed this project, though, because I was able to collaborate with and get to know my classmates better," voiced Kathryn Pofok '21.