A Saint Joseph Academy student's day is a mix of academics, faith and fun. 
The Academy has a college-based block schedule, which means four 85-minute classes each day. A Block, B Block, C Block and D Block rotate every two weeks to keep students interested and engaged in their individual learning. The class curriculum is completed within one semester, with the exception of Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Benefits of a college block class schedule:
  • Fewer number of classes enable students to gain a deeper knowledge of subject matter
  • Longer length classes allow more time for interaction with the teacher, other students, to collaborate on group projects, complete labs, etc.
  • The schedule is comparable to what students encounter in colleges/universities, thus helping to make their transition from high school to college easier
In the middle of each day there are two 30-minute Activity Blocks. Students use this time for lunch, club meetings, exercising, tutoring, study time, doing homework, reflection or socializing with friends. Rooms have been set aside for active group learning. Weather permitting, students may gather outside on our expansive and scenic campus overlooking the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation. They may sit on Adirondacks near our Rain Garden, on The Scholars' Porch overlooking the beautiful campus, on the Howley Terrace located right off the Dining Hall or even in the tranquil courtyard.  
On Holy Days and other special occasions, students have the opportunity to attend Mass in the Academy Center. These Masses celebrate the faith-filled community of Saint Joseph Academy. During free time, students may visit the Chapel for reflection and prayer, located across the Main Office.

After school, many students participate in any of our intramural or 15 Varsity sports, including cross country, rugby, crew, track & field, volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming & diving, golf, gymnastics, softball, tennis, lacrosse, bowling and indoor track. 

A Saint Joseph Academy student is challenged and encouraged to pursue her passions!

Daily Schedule Rotations

List of 2 items.

  • ABCD Rotation

    A8:00 AM9:25 AM
    AP 18:00 AM8:56 AM
    AP 28:59 AM9:55 AM
    AP 39:58 AM10:54 AM
    B9:29 AM10:54 AM
    Activity 110:58 AM11:28 AM
    Activity 211:32 AM12:02 PM
    C12:06 PM1:31 PM
    D1:35 PM3:00 PM
  • CDAB Rotation

    C8:00 AM9:25 AM
    D9:29 AM10:54 AM
    Activity 110:58 AM11:28 AM
    Activity 211:32 AM12:02 PM
    A12:06 PM1:31 PM
    AP 112:06 PM1:02 PM
    AP 21:05 PM2:01 PM
    AP 32:04 PM3:00 PM
    B1:35 PM3:00 PM

Example of a Freshman Schedule (ABCD Schedule):

A Block 
8-9:25 a.m.
B Block
9:29 -10:54 a.m.
C Block
12:06-1:31 p.m.
D Block
1:35-3:00 p.m.
1st Semester Health Algebra Spanish Biology
2nd Semester Theology Honors English World History Art

Beloved Traditions

There are many Jaguar traditions that students look forward to including - Pride Bowl, Freshmen Orientation and Welcome, Mixers, Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Daughter Brunch and Mass, Legacy Breakfasts, Penny Wars, Pep Rallies, Fall Dance, Fall Play and Spring Musical, the traditional "Battle Across the Bridge" basketball games, Senior Parade, Paws For Pride, and Walk of the Roses and Commencement.