"25 Under 35" Frequently Asked Questions

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Who can submit a nomination?

    Family members (parents, siblings, spouses, cousins, etc.), friends, classmates, colleagues, mentors, parishioners ... you! We accept nominations for alumnae candidates under the age of 35.
  • The alumna I want to nominate doesn’t feel like she is “doing anything special” - does this award only recognize certain professions and titles?

    Absolutely not! Alumnae have been honored for the work they’re doing in their “regular” job because they keep their students/patients/clients/colleagues central to the work. Others have a “regular” job but spend countless hours volunteering at an animal shelter, mentoring young women, championing efforts to help those in need or being a leader in their parish, have been recognized. We have also honored mothers who dedicate themselves not only to their families, but to their professions and communities at large. There is no limit to the accomplishments of our amazing alumnae. 
  • How are honorees selected?

    A distinguished panel of female leaders, esteemed alumnae, board members, former honorees, and renowned individuals from the Saint Joseph Academy community forms an independent selection committee. This committee is entrusted with the task of carefully evaluating and selecting the honorees, employing a fair and objective scoring system that aligns with the nominated criteria, such as the exceptional characteristics associated with a Saint Joseph Academy graduate.
  • What if I’m not able to provide an updated resume, CV or LinkedIn profile?

    It’s okay! Don’t let this step deter you from nominating someone or yourself! If you are not able to provide these materials, find a way to collect this information (accomplishments, experiences, etc.) and write a reason as to why you’re not able to share it in the specific format requested. Sometimes, nominators keep the nomination a secret so it can be difficult to obtain the required information. We don’t want this to stop you from sharing why your or this alumna is worthy of being recognized and celebrated!
  • How do I submit the nomination?

    Submit nominations electronically here. Any documents that can’t be uploaded on the online nomination form can be sent directly to Alumnae Director Ms. Hannah Hill ‘16 at hhill@sja1890.org. Please put "25 Under 35" in the subject line of your email. 
  • When are honorees announced?

    The "25 Under 35" honorees will be announced in late March.
  • How are the honorees celebrated?

    Honorees will be recognized during an awards banquet at Saint Joseph Academy in June.
  • Why does it matter?

    It matters because our alumnae continue to live out the Saint Joseph Academy mission beyond their years at Saint Joseph Academy, making their communities and the world a better place. 

    Our past nominees have been from all walks of life and professions from business to entrepreneurs to non-profit. They teach, heal, entertain, serve in the military, design, create, build, protect and advocate. They live all over the country. They travel around the block, across the nation, around the world.