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Health Sciences Honors Program

Start a Pathway to a Career in Health Sciences

Students who participate in the Saint Joseph Academy Health Sciences Honors Program (HSHP) will be prepared for a life of compassionate leadership and service in the healthcare profession. Rigorous study starts in the classroom but extends into real life experience with meaningful experiential learning, service learning and hands-on application alongside industry experts at Northeast Ohio’s highly ranked corporations and organizations. Health Sciences disciplines are experienced in an integrated, engaging way so students can determine career interests to pursue in college.

Ms. Clare Toole

Health Sciences Honors Program Coordinator

I invite you to explore the Health Sciences Honors Program at Saint Joseph Academy. The program includes two pathways of study that a student can select that matches her specific career goals, whether she wants to pursue a doctoral degree or start her career immediately following college graduation. Students are provided with an authentic professional experience through experiential learning while also engaging in a rigorous math, humanities and science curriculum. These are the key components to developing critical thinkers and, ultimately, fostering compassionate and empathetic servant leaders. Please contact me if you have any questions at

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