Distinguished Programs

Global Scholars Program

Start a Pathway in a Global Career

Students who participate in the Saint Joseph Academy Scholars Program will be prepared to thrive as inventive collaborators and agents of change for our global community. Participants will develop cross-cultural knowledge and communications skills and excel at thinking critically about global change. This is accomplished through the attainment of a deep understanding of the interconnected and interdependent nature of the world and the importance of establishing personal connections. Rigorous study begins in the classroom but extends into real-life experience through meaningful experiential and service-learning, as well as cultural immersion experiences. Students in this program will gain real-world experiences that build on intercultural lessons explored in and outside the classroom. This engaging way of study helps students determine global career interests to pursue in college.  

Ms. Rebecca Levis

You are invited to explore the Global Scholars Program at Saint Joseph Academy. This program is designed for students to experience global disciplines in an integrated, engaging way. Learn the prerequisite skills and gain the confidence necessary to become highly successful in a college environment, whether you choose to study abroad, pursue international business, law, entrepreneurship or government. By participating in this program, students will stand out among peers when applying to colleges and universities. Please feel free to contact me at