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Engineering & Design Honors Program

Start a Pathway in an Engineering & Design Career

Students who participate in the Saint Joseph Academy Engineering & Design Honors Program (EDHP) will be prepared for a life of compassionate leadership and service in engineering and design-related careers. Rigorous study starts in the classroom, but extends into real life experience with meaningful experiential learning, service learning and hands-on application alongside industry experts at Northeast Ohio’s highly ranked corporations and organizations. Students in this program are exposed to the Engineering & Design disciplines in an integrated, engaging way to help identify career paths to pursue in college.

Program Requirements

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  • Course of Study

    In addition to completing requirements for either the Purple or Gold Pathway, students will also complete the following curriculum: 

    Theology/CORE Ministry: 4.0 credits
    Health and Physical Education: 1.0 credit Health / 0.5 credit Physical Education
    Social Studies: 3.0 credits
    English: 4.0 credits
    Math: 4.0 credits
    Science: 3.0 credits
    Visual & Performing Arts: 1.0 credit
    World Language: 3.0 credits (of the same language)
  • Hands-On Experience

    Students are required to complete shadowing, internships or other similar experiences (such as summer workshops or programs, field trips, projects and competitions) to help provide authentic and experiential learning, working through real design and engineering challenges.
  • Service Learning

    Service-learning is rooted in intentionality, a process that develops empathy, responsibility and self confidence. This component encompasses “serving the dear neighbor,” a keystone of the teachings of the Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph.
  • Projects and Competition

    By the first semester of senior year, students will complete 2-4 individual or group projects or competitions in their chosen field of specialization. Students can choose from the examples below or propose a new opportunity.
    • Examples of past art, graphic design and photography projects and competitions include: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Cleveland Clinic eXpressions® contest, Tri-C Rock Off design contests, Congressional Art Show, Governor’s Art Show, Benny Awards (Graphic Arts Council of Cleveland), Art Doodle for Google and Emerging Artist Exhibition.
    • Examples of past engineering projects and competitions include: VEX Robotics Competition, GoBabyGo!, RePlay for Kids, F1 in Schools (F1TM) STEM Competition, Bridging Engineering, Science & Technology (BEST) Medicine Engineering Fair, Believe in Ohio (BiO) Competition, STEM Goes Red for Girls, scaled Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawing for Congregation of St. Joseph’s St. Joseph Center and local engineering projects.
  • Online Portfolio

    An online portfolio links each student's experiences and provides context for learning and reflection. Students will create an electronic portfolio that documents and illustrates their work, growth and development as they accomplish program requirements.
  • Portfolio Conference

    At the end of their senior year, students will present their reflections, growth and future plans to a panel of industry professionals, academic administration for third-party validation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can apply?

    Recognizing the broad range of career opportunities in Engineering and Design, the program is designed to be inclusive and open to all students who have an interest in careers in Engineering and Design. Application into the program begins sophomore year. Each student is expected to work diligently and reflectively towards a personal goal that reflects her interests and achievements. Students may choose between two different pathways, a Purple Pathway or a Gold Pathway, designed to prepare them for success in a career in Engineering and Design immediately following college graduation.
  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

    In order to successfully complete the program, students are expected to graduate with a 3.7 cumulative GPA for the Purple Pathway or a 3.0 cumulative GPA for the Gold Pathway.
  • What courses are offered?

    Coursework includes Advanced Placement® (AP®) level, Honors and Independent Study courses in Engineering, Design and Visual Arts. Please refer to the Engineering & Design Honors Program Course Requirements and the Course Offering Book for more details.
  • When can students apply?

    Interested students are encouraged to select courses and pursue relevant service-learning experiences as Freshmen. Formal application to pursue the program will begin at the beginning of second semester each school year. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors who wish to enroll in the program may submit a formal application at the beginning of the second semester each school year.
  • Is there a faith component?

    Yes. Through the charism of Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph, the program prepares young women to live the Gospel through prayer, reflection and service to the “dear neighbor.” Service learning is an intentional, reflective process that develops empathy and compassion.
  • What is experiential learning?

    Experiential learning involves learning environments that extend beyond the classroom and provides students with authentic experiences in preparation for Engineering and Design careers. Each student will develop her capacity to serve others with empathy, knowledge, compassion and skill through reflective engagement in internships, shadowing, external classes, field trips, competition and service-learning.
  • Who do I contact for more information?

    Contact Mr. Rob Zdankiewicz, Engineering & Design Honors Program Coordinator, at 216.347.7408 or

Mr. Robert Zdankiewicz

Engineering & Design Honors Program Coordinator

You are invited to explore the Engineering & Design Honors Program at Saint Joseph Academy. This program exposes students to Engineering and Design disciplines in an integrated, engaging way. Learn the prerequisite skills and gain the confidence necessary to become highly successful in a college STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics) environment. Utilizing and experiencing the Makerspace innovation lab, graphic arts, digital media and production labs and other various creative technology tools, students in this program will be exposed to advanced technology tools that will prepare them for college-level education. This helps our students stand out among peers when applying to colleges and universities. Please feel free to contact me at

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