Support Services

Building Success in the Classroom and Beyond

For some students academic success comes rather easily. Other students may struggle with a specific topic at times during a semester, and others may struggle with foundational skills year-round. Regardless of the type of support needed or how often it is needed, the Student Support Services offered at Saint Joseph Academy are designed to help students feel comfortable asking for strategies and feedback, to take pride in helping each other, learn how to evaluate and make adjustments, as well as recognize growth and achievement.

Support Services Offered

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  • Classroom Support

    To help strengthen and enhance skills used across the curriculum, an inclusive approach is used within the classroom as opposed to a separate resource room. Most Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, English 9, World History and Theology 9 classes are either co-taught or supported by one of our Student Support faculty members. Student Support Services may also assist other classes with larger projects, research activities and additional critical reading and writing instruction. When needed, the team works with teachers to develop resources and strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Peer Tutoring

    During Activity Blocks, tutoring is available from peers for any academic subject. Students are encouraged to walk in as needed. The Peer Tutoring Coordinator will match each student with a tutor. If a student prefers standing sessions with the same tutor(s), the Coordinator will coordinate that arrangement.
  • Writing Center

    The Writing Center is available for consultation on any part of the writing process, whether help is needed for generating ideas, writing a thesis statement, developing an outline or obtaining feedback on a rough draft, research papers and essays. Because it is staffed with teachers and student consultants, students are able to receive feedback in a variety of ways. Appointments are available during Activity Blocks daily. Consultations during study halls and before/after school can also be arranged.
  • Other Services

    • Review and prepare for state-mandated tests required for graduation
    • Individual consultation for academic, organizational, time-management and/or study strategies
    • Initial or three-year, multi-factored evaluations as needed
    • Development of accommodation plans for those with learning or other disabilities

Mrs. Lisa Gregorski

Student Support Services, Department Chair

The goal of the Student Support Services Department is to provide the opportunity for each student to reach her highest potential, and to understand that what is needed to do this varies by student. Support is provided to develop critical thinking and study skills, encourage intellectual curiosity, broaden perspectives and challenge students to embrace new ideas to help them achieve academic success in high school and beyond.

The team works to discover the factors behind students’ work, efforts and habits so we can best meet the needs of each individual. Helping students develop strong skills results in the ability to communicate their needs, understand themselves as learners and move to the next step with excitement and confidence. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Meet the Team

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