Empowering young women to fulfill their dreams and lead a life grounded in their faith starts in the Saint Joseph Academy classroom and extends into the real world, where students are encouraged to learn, experience and put their knowledge into practice.
Academic offerings include options for every student at every level in her high school education. Coupled with college block scheduling that’s similar to a higher education environment, a Saint Joseph Academy education prepares students for college in a variety of ways:
  • 18 Advanced Placement (AP) courses span the arts, literature, science and math. Students are encouraged to take the level of coursework that’s right for them: a qualified Freshman can take an AP course if she desires.
  • 30 Honors courses are designed to challenge students’ unique interests, and include distinctive options such as Honors Anatomy and Physiology as well as Honors Microbiology/Zoology.
  • World Languages help foster internationally minded students with offerings including three levels of Chinese, French, Latin and Spanish, as well as AP levels for advanced learning.
  • The Health Sciences Honors Program incorporates not only relevant coursework, but also clinical hours, in-field research and application opportunities at some of Northeast Ohio’s acclaimed hospitals. Two levels of learning prepare students for a variety of careers in the health care industry.
  • The Engineering & Design Honors Program prepares young women for a life of compassionate leadership and service in an engineering and design profession through an academic program based on a rigorous course of study and meaningful experiential learning.
  • The Makerspace is a hands-on innovation area that allows students to experiment and apply learning from multiple subjects – such as designing artwork on computers to producing engineering prototypes on a 3D printer.
  • Science and engineering classes are designed to challenge students by applying their learning. Engineering classes include CAD work, programming and architectural design.
  • Four years of theology classes help students see faith in everyday life and “serve the dear neighbor” through community involvement. Every student creates an online “Faithfolio,” which is included as part of their final class assessment.
  • A dedicated wellness curriculum emphasizes the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit. Learning both in and out of the classroom is designed to aid students with their ongoing journey toward wholeness.
Supporting academic success. Student-to-teacher ratios and class sizes are kept small, encouraging more interaction and discussion during class time. Technology is integrated into every classroom, and each student is provided a laptop Chromebook for collaboration inside and outside the classroom. Supporting these efforts is the Nazareth Library, which has been state-recognized for providing leading-edge technology for research and learning, while still fostering a love of reading in all students.
Students are encouraged to become lifelong learners ready for a rapidly changing global economy. 
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