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Student Support Services

The Student Support Services Department is available to students at Saint Joseph Academy who may need extra academic assistance. It is our goal to provide information, strategies and study skill development, which will lead to student success in the classroom. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Consultation with teachers for strategies and information gathering
  • In-class support from department members in selected classes
  • A summer study skills workshop for any incoming freshman
  • A variety of tutoring and/or skill building opportunities during activity blocks
  • Review and preparation for state-mandated tests required for graduation
  • A resource for parents and teachers to share academic concerns
  • Any initial or thee-year multi-factored evaluations students may need
  • The writing of intervention plans for girls with learning or other disabilities
We also provide additional services. Some of these services include:
  • A peer tutoring program during activity blocks; tutoring can be walk-in or through referral
  • A Writing Center for consultation on any part of the writing process, research papers and essays
  • Extended time/alternate setting for students who need these accommodations for tests and quizzes