Global Scholars Program Milestones

Program Milestones

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  • Academic

    World Languages: 4.0 Credits
    Independent Global Scholar Course (Senior year): 0.5 Credit
    Independent Global Scholars Course: 0.5 credit
    • During their senior year, students will take Becoming a Global Leader or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 course
    Elective Course
    • Students will take at least one global complementary course such as: Women Leading in the 21st Century, Statistics, Environmental Science, Facing History: Identity and Membership in American Society, Comparative Politics.
    Online Portfolio
    • The online portfolio links student experiences and provides context for learning. Each year in the program, students will curate an electronic portfolio that documents and illustrates their work, growth and development as they accomplish program requirements.
    Formal Capstone Project
    • At the end of their senior year, students will present their research, photographs and reflections, as well as growth and future plans to a panel of industry professionals and academic administration for third-party validation.
  • Cultural Immersion

    Through their participation in meaningful and authentic experiences in the United States and abroad, Global Scholars will cultivate their abilities to be responsible, tolerant and compassionate citizens. As they engage interculturally through an immersive learning or hosting experience, students become more cognizant of global issues, cultural norms and the importance of establishing personal connections to others within their communities and around the world. This focus on a more holistic approach to learning helps to solidify the globally-minded perspective that the program aims for.
  • Service Learning

    Service-learning is rooted in intentionality, a process that develops empathy, responsibility and self-confidence. This milestone emphasizes equal worth, sensitivity, dignity and working to create inclusive environments. 
  • Community/Global Events

    Participation in 8 events by the end of the first semester of their senior year.

    Participants will be positive leaders through their words and actions as they seek to increase concern and involvement in the communities in which they live. This is accomplished by attending events or serving as social or political activists who choose to fulfill this milestone via a school leadership role. 
  • Personal Exploration

    Students will explore their own personal identity as it connects to our global society. Program participants through reading or listening materials and then write a reflection that will be incorporated into their portfolios.
  • Junior Professional Shadowing

    Participants will select their Junior Professional Shadowing experience in an opportunity/organization that directly connects with the idea of being globally-minded.  

    During this three-day program, each student explores her potential career choice with a professional at a company or organization. The hands-on experience helps each student determine if that career is still of interest (or not) as she starts to narrow her college preferences.  
  • Formation & Progreess Meetings

    Group identity is fundamental to one’s own personal identity. For this reason, Global Scholars attend monthly cohort meetings in which they gather as a group to explore global issues, create school-wide initiatives and continue to develop together as contributors to the greater global context. In addition, students meet individually with the Global Program Director one to two times per semester to monitor their progress toward each of the Global Scholars Milestones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who can apply?

    Individuals who are interested in becoming agents for global and social change are invited to apply to the Global Scholars Program.  The Global Scholars Program accepts interested students during the second semester of their Freshman and Sophomore years. Junior students may also be eligible on a case-by-case basis. 
  • How do I apply?

    The Global Scholars Program Application Process consists of three stages, including the completion of an initial application form, an interview with the Global Program Director and a final notification of acceptance into the program.  
  • When can I apply?

    Students can apply in the second semester of Freshman and Sophomore years. The Global Scholars Program begins in 10th grade and ends upon graduation in 12th grade. 
  • Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

    There is no minimum GPA required for the Global Program or the Global Scholars Program. Since many of the Global Scholars Program opportunities occur while class is in session, students are expected to be in good academic standing in order to participate in those activities. 
  • What are program milestones?

    By the time a student graduates from the Global Scholars Program, a distinguished pathway, she will have worked to accomplish each one of the milestones.
  • What courses are offered?

    Students who aspire to be a Global Program Scholar should take the Independent Global Scholar Course, four World Language courses and a course set in global context (as approved by the Global Program Director), as well as the recommended elective courses.
  • Is there a faith component?

    Yes. Through the charism of Sisters of the Congregation of St. Joseph, the program prepares young women to live the Gospel through prayer, reflection and service to the “dear neighbor.” Service-learning is an intentional, reflective process that develops empathy and compassion.
  • What is experiential learning?

    Experiential learning involves learning environments that extend beyond the classroom and provide students with authentic experiences in preparation for global competency. Each student will develop her capacity to serve others with empathy, knowledge, compassion and skill through reflective engagement in immersive learning, shadowing, external classes, field trips, cultural immersion, personal exploration, and service-learning.
  • Who do I contact for more information?

    Contact Global Program Director Ms. Rebecca Levis at