What is an Anatomage Table?

The Anatomage Table, known as “the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system on the market,” is the latest technological tool to promote students’ learning. The Anatomage Table affords our students the opportunity to dissect, visualize real human tissue and isolate areas of the human body.
Anatamoge_TableBy utilizing and experiencing the Anatomage Table, Saint Joseph Academy students are exposed and prepared for college-level education, allowing its students to stand out among their peers when applying to colleges and universities. Saint Joseph Academy is the first high school in Northeast Ohio with this state-of-the-art Anatomage Table.

The Anatomage Table has more than 1400 high resolution three-dimensional (3D) images loaded into the life-sized Table, which display with the touch of a finger. Thousands of structures are meticulously segmented from photographic images to deliver the most accurate real 3D anatomy. Students are able to experience computerized tomography (CT) scans—which include everything from cadavers, the human heart, animal anatomy and skulls from the Smithsonian Institution. The Table allows students to investigate anatomy in 3D images, rotating and slicing both soft and hard tissue. Then, with a single slide of the finger, the entire body is instantly restored.

The Anatomage Table enables teachers to demonstrate the various functions of the human body on an interactive level where the Table can also be isolated — blood, organs, muscles, the brain, spinal cord and skin. Teachers can also interact with the table by creating quizzes.