Importance of School Choice

School choice continues to be in the news, and we continue to be in the conversation as advocates.
Thanks to all those who helped with letter writing campaign to our lawmakers. Saint Joseph Academy is keeping an ear to the ground while the legislature examines the EdChoice scholarship program, which some lawmakers have expressed a willingness to explore recently. The excellence of the Academy is strong evidence in favor of empowering those without means to have a choice in their daughter's education.

We continue to see push back by some regarding the scholarship programs, including a recent opposition talking point suggests that local tax levy dollars are being directed to private schools. A brief but understandable explanation is available in this article.

Saint Joseph Academy believes students belong to families and parents/guardians are the best hope to choose the right environment for them. On a related note, a very timely piece has just been released by the Manhattan Institute, authored by Kathleen Porter-Magee, Superintendent of Partnership Schools of the Archdiocese of NY, highlighting the values of Catholic schools and the importance of that faith-based choice for families to the school reform. The report or even a briefer commentary here are well worth the read.