Morgan Jeffries '21

Morgan Jeffries '21 spent her Junior Professional Shadowing experience shadowing a 3D Animator and Motion Designer for Pixel Planet Studios, a full service video production company that provides a series of services including pre-production, production, draft work, editing and more.
Being able to work on a computer and know the software in and out are essential skills for a 3D Animator and Motion Designer. Additionally, any position in the digital media In the digital media industry, your portfolio is the strongest part of your resume. Showing your skills to a potential employer will always be stronger than a piece of paper highlighting your degree," shared Morgan.

"Before shadowing, I was quite knowledgeable about animation, but there were still loopholes. From a young age, I knew I wanted to go into animation. When I was younger, I thought that animation was simply to create movies and shorts. Shadowing helped me realize that animation is so much more. Since the shadowing experience, my thoughts about a career in animation have only become stronger. I was in a workspace that was inclusive, creatively rich and in the simplest terms, fun. I have learned so much from this experience, but the most important things I learned were the skills in which someone in the digital media field should possess. These include communication skills for working with clients, accepting and giving constructive criticism, flexibility, patience and passion for what you are doing. This shadowing experience has given me the drive and motivation to improve my portfolio and expand my skills in order to thrive in this industry."

At Saint Joseph Academy, Morgan is President of the Art Club, an Academy Ambassador and Junior Mentor. Outside of the Academy, she is involved in Stage Crew at St. Edward High School, where she has participated in six shows. She also teaches PSR at St. Mel's Parish.