Keeping the Faith While Navigating COVID-19

While there is no substitute for gathering for worship and communion with friends and fellow
believers, Jesus also said to his first disciples that “wherever two or more are gathered in my
name, I am with them,” (Matthew 18:20).
Public worship services may be cancelled for the next several weeks, but that does not mean that we have to be distant from our faith.

At this time, it is good to remember that the first Christians gathered in homes, not church
buildings, to pray, worship, and eat together, and that many Christians around the world today
are unable to gather for Mass due to threats of persecution or their remote locations. While
this period of social distancing presents a number of challenges, it also offers us an opportunity
to deepen our connections with our immediate families and with the communion of saints
across time and space.

We are fortunate that technology offers us the opportunity to maintain spiritual communion with the Church. A number of local parishes are providing streaming of their services so you and your family can share in the Mass from your home. (Be sure to make it "special" in some way, perhaps by lighting some candles. Remove distractions when possible.) The times vary, but below are four options for you to explore.
The United States Catholic Bishops have also offered guidance for prayer during this time, and a number of organizations, such as Loyola Press, provide resources for children and families. We encourage you to be creative as you utilize these and other resources to grow in your faith through the challenging times we are living in.

To help us maintain our connections as a spiritual community at Saint Joseph Academy, we have created an Instagram account specifically for daily prayer, as well as an email account where members of our community can send requests for prayers.

Stay tuned for additional resources and opportunities to stay connected as a community of faith and to grow in love and unity in the weeks ahead.