Sarah Scarpitti '20

Sarah Scarpitti '20 was selected as the Student Speaker for the 2020 Commencement Ceremony.
"I have always loved writing and when the opportunity arose for me to construct a speech for graduation, I was eager to put my thoughts into words because I have had such an incredible experience at Saint Joseph Academy. I wanted to articulate the immense amount of love that Saint Joseph Academy’s Class of 2020 will always have for this extraordinary place," shared Sarah.

From her speech, she states: "the past few months have brought a lot of uncertainty to our days. No one anticipated that we would encounter such an obstacle this year, but we will be able to look back and smile because we are fighting to conquer it now. For the Class of 2020, it’s going to be about moving forward with the lessons we learned from this unfathomable experience. So much light has been shed on some of the most fundamental truths of life. And I wholeheartedly believe that we, the Class of 2020, standing at one of the many pinnacles of our lives, were awakened to some of these fundamental truths.

We understand that waking up to a new adventure every day is the ultimate blessing - we won’t take for granted even the simplest moments that appear to be freely given. We realize that physically going to school is an extraordinary gift. We have felt the power of prayer and of hope. We stood face-to-face with the phrase 'this, too, shall pass.' We have recognized, at one point or another, that suffering isn’t an individual hardship - it’s a shared experience. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ’s name - and solidarity and interdependence can heal even the deepest wounds.

Even in the midst of such an unprecedented time in our world, we, Saint Joseph Academy’s Class of 2020, have been the lucky ones all along - because we fell in love with a school to the point where we couldn’t bear being anywhere else but right here on Rocky River Drive. And that, in itself, goes to show how incredibly lucky we have been for the past four years, calling a place as special as Saint Joseph Academy, our happiness and our home. Wearing a Jaguar uniform has been nothing short of a blessing. Because not only has the Academy helped us to shape our own individual identities, encouraging us to pursue our biggest and brightest dreams, but it has also harmonized us through unifying love. We are a family; we are sisters. Because of that, we all have very similar foundations - foundations that will propel us to making those big and bright dreams of ours a tangible and definite reality someday."

At Saint Joseph Academy, Sarah has been a member of the soccer, basketball and track & field teams. She was a member of the National Honor Society, Academy Ambassadors Executive Board, Model United Nations, served as a retreat Leader and co-president of Students Demand Action. She will be attending Indiana University to major in business with a minor in journalism.