Guardian Angel Box Helps Students Find Help

Students, are you feeling anxious or upset? Worried about a friend or acquaintance?
The Guardian Angel Box is designed to provide open communication for students who are dealing with issues that could have serious consequences.

Students are encouraged to place notes in the box when there is a concern about themselves or someone else. The box is located in the Chapel above the petitions for prayers/special intentions and will be checked daily. The appropriate action will be taken with the information provided. 
Should the situation require immediate attention, please notify a responsible adult, teacher, coach, counselor or administrator immediately. If a concern comes when you are learning remotely or during the weekend, seek out help from a responsible adult. 
The Guardian Angel Box was started ten years ago when a Saint Ignatius High School Senior Joe "Ski" Anielski died by suicide. His parents believed he suffered from undetected and untreated depression. They believe that if one person may have written a note, the outcome would have been different for their son. Since that time, the Anielskis have provided Guardian Angel Boxes to schools from kindergarten through college throughout Ohio.