Drama Director Mrs. Anne Ising

Each year Mrs. Insing works with students to produce a fall play and spring musical. 
Since the COVID-19 pandemic is making live theater a bit challenging, Mrs. Ising looked for a creative way for students to perform a fall play. This lead to embarking on a new adventure - learning how to perform a virtual Zoom play. "Theater is an incredible place where our students can express themselves and their creativity, and I feel that they need that outlet now more than ever. A virtual play will be a big experiment allowing us to think outside the box with an entirely new theatrical form. Get ready to slay dragons as we bring the acclaimed She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms live to you via Zoom! Based on the original She Kills Monsters, this version of the play was rewritten by the author specifically for online production and performance," stated Mrs. Ising.

Activities and Interests: Outside of Saint Joseph Academy, Mrs. Ising is a member of the traditional choir at St. Peter Parish in Lorain. She likes to hike and kayak with her husband and is also looking forward to performing in more community theater productions when stages open up again.