Community Unity Message

The events in Washington, D.C., are without precedent--not only in the landscape of this strange year, but in all of American history. 
The U.S. Capitol building has not been breached since 1814 when it was burned by the British during the War of 1812. The images are hard to make sense of, and while D.C. is not in our neighborhood, it is our nation’s Capital and an important symbol of the United States of America. We are heartbroken by the words and violent acts that seek to divide us as a country, and lift our hearts in prayer for peace in these unsettling times. We hope that we will find a way to repair fractured relationships and restore justice where it is most needed.

In times like these, it is more important than ever that we live and act out of a spirit of unifying love that seeks to understand our differences and to heal our divisions rather than to reinforce them. Please help Saint Joseph Academy to preserve the school environment as a safe space, where students of varying viewpoints are able to speak. It is important for us all to model and encourage the empathetic respect for difference that is at the heart of our mission, even in tense and heated situations.

As our sponsors the Congregation of St. Joseph state: "As people of faith, our mission is to bring all into unity with God, with one another, and with all creation. We promise to continue to work for unity by promoting peace and non-violence, by collaborating with others to bring about change, and by standing as a reminder of the healing presence of God in our world." Please pray for our nation, our people and our leaders.