Junior Professional Shadowing Provides Insights for Career Opportunities

During the three-day experience, coordinated by College Counselors Ms. Susan Emmerich and Ms. Maria Mueller, Juniors spent time with a sponsor in a potential career or passion of their choice. 
This year proved to be unprecedented as 169 Juniors completed their Junior Professional Shadowing experience in the midst of COVID-19. While many completed their experiences virtually, others shadowed a variety of professionals, including a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, an interior designer, an optometrist, an electrical engineer, an individual from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the owner of a logging company and a gastroenterologist (photo at right).

Students kept journals detailing their experiences and reflections on the professions they observed. This career exploration helps students decide vocations of interest and/or hone in on their post-secondary education selections as they narrow their college search process. 

Thank you to all the alumnae who served as hosts, including Deirdre Konopka '89, Julie Jensen '10, Campbell McNeeley '09, Nancy Zavoda Schwind '83, Asma Saleh '14, Mary Kate Healey '13, Amanda Durk '05, Bride Sweeney '10, Kristin Nolan Cassidy '94 and Colleen Wagner Moennich '99.