Enrich Juniors’ Kairos Experience with Heartfelt Letters

Members of the Class of 2023 will be attending a Kairos Retreat March 10-12.
Faith formation is such an important aspect of the high school journey at Saint Joseph Academy and Kairos retreats are incredibly important events. Each parent/guardian is asked to write a special letter sharing what their daughter means to them and the reasons they are so proud of her.
In our busy world, we seldom take time to tell others how much we love them. It can be even more difficult to tell a teenager what she means to you. Perhaps you do it all the time, but in the context of this retreat, your caring words will mean so much more to her.
One parent/guardian letter for each student will be read aloud to the entire group during a section of the retreat called “Encountering Christ in Others.” Therefore, it is essential that every retreatant receives a parent/guardian letter. We assure you that this feature of the retreat has a very positive effect on the retreatants. It helps to further illustrate to the retreat participants that God is at work in every aspect of their lives and that they are loved and supported.
Below is some helpful information.
  • Other family and friends are welcome to join in the letter writing. Letters from other family members or friends should only have the retreatant’s name on the envelope.
  • Letters need to be received by Monday, March 7. Ways to submit letters are as follows:
    • Email to Kairos@sja1890.org; in the subject line of the email “Parent Letter” and your daughter’s name.
    • Drop off in the Academy building’s Main Office. Please include this on the front of the envelope: Attention: Mrs. Avila-John, “Parent Letter” and your daughter’s name
    • Mail to Saint Joseph Academy to the attention of Mrs. Avila-John, list “Parent Letter” and your daughter’s name on the front of the envelope.
Questions? Please contact Mrs. Theresa Avila-John here.