Students Gain Cultural Insights During Polish American Club Field trip

Last Friday, 29 students visited the Polish-American Cultural Center to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Polish history and culture.
Gary Kotlarsic, Director of the Polish American Cultural Center, discussed the history of the Polish community in Cleveland, as well as the situation Poles experienced during World War I and World War II. Students also watched a video of Mrs. Halina Zwinogrodzka Junak recounting her experience fighting the Nazi's during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944.
Following the presentations, students toured the Cultural Center's museum, learning about various topics including President Hoover's collaboration with the Polish community after the war, the times Poland has been on the battleground for conflicts that did not pertain to their people and the current Polish culture and country.
Students concluded the trip by making sympathy cards for Eugene Bak whose wife recently passed away. Had Mr. Bak been able to join the students during their visit, he would have shared his experience in the Labor Camps during World War II and how his family survived and made it to the U.S.