Seniors’ Towpath Retreat Provides Opportunity to Grow in Faith

On Sunday and Monday, 16 Seniors attended the Towpath Retreat, one of many retreat options they could choose to attend.
While at the retreat, students biked through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park along the scenic Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath. As students traveled along the towpath, they reflected on their journeys over the last four years at the Academy, learned about the ancient concept of pilgrimage, and most importantly, took time to listen to God and be one with one another and the created world around us. 
Kate Boland ‘23 shared this reflection, “Throughout the course of the retreat, we were constantly told by our teachers to "enjoy the journey" whenever a student would ask about how long activities would take, how many miles we had left, and what the rest of our plans were for the day. As you can guess, that was not the response any of us were anticipating nor happy to hear. However, that small statement taught me so much. So often, especially as Seniors, we are so eager to know what is next or expect answers to be at our fingertips. Through this retreat, I learned to enjoy where I am in life now, and not fixate all my focus on what lies ahead of me. The journey builds who you are, rather than simply arriving at the destination."
Article written by CORE Ministry member and Theology teacher Mrs. Kristen Busa, edited by Mrs. Cheryl Arnold