Community Celebrates All Saints’ Day Mass & Grandparents’ Day

On Tuesday, the entire community gathered for Mass to celebrate All Saints’ Day.
Mass began with a procession of student club representatives holding a picture of a patron saint. Each department, club and team selected their patron saint which included St. George (Book Club), St. Marguerite d’Youville (Entrepreneurship Club), St. Isidore (Gardening Club), St. Macrina (Robotics Team) and St. Lucia (Italian Club). 
Following Mass, representatives were encouraged to hang the pictures in their club’s meeting room, near the locker rooms or classrooms to serve as a remembrance of their saint’s journey.
“What I have found with saints is not so much that we have a devotion to saints as they have a devotion to us,” Rev. Patrick Anderson of the Borromeo Seminary shared with the community. “Today is the day we can ask the saints to make themselves known to us.”
In addition to celebrating All Saints’ Day, the community welcomed grandparents of the Class of 2026 for Grandparents’ Day. Grandparents celebrated Mass and attended a reception with their granddaughters.