Bottle Cap Mural Unveiled

On October 24, the Art Club leadership members Carmela DiLisi ’23, Lily Kuebler ’23, Anna Mancuso ’24 and Club Moderator, Department Chair and Visual Arts Teacher Mrs. Tammy Sparks unveiled the Art Club’s bottle cap mural to the Saint Joseph Academy community.
The mural, located in the courtyard as to blend into its surroundings, was created by the Art Club. 
In the fall of 2018, the club began collecting bottle caps. Work on the mural came to a halt due to COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, Mrs. Sparks and the Art Club persevered. During the unveiling, Art Club leadership member Ana Mancuso ’24 explained the meaning of the mural’s image. “The image was selected to be one of hope and transformation. It is meant to remind us all of the triumph of the spirit and soul through difficult times and challenging times.”