Faith Kmiecik ’23

Accomplishments: Faith Kmiecik ’23 was the Assistant Stage Manager for Saint Joseph Academy’s fall play, As She Likes It.
As Assistant Stage Manager, Faith led the stage crew during crew calls, as well as attended rehearsals to prepare for the show. The stage crew “is responsible for running the show and communicating information between the cast, crew, and the direction team,” shared Faith. This includes creating the sets, gathering or making any needed props and during the show, making scene changes, lighting, sound and assisting the cast.  
Faith became involved in stage crew when she was in eighth grade. “I'm so interested in it because it's a little bit of everything. I love art, and construction is just an extension of that. It's a great leadership opportunity as well, and I just love theatre,” Faith shared. 
Activities and Interests: She is a member of the Academy’s Drama Program and the Academy Inclusion Club. 
Future career interests: Faith intends to major in Stage Management at Baldwin Wallace University.