Independent Applied Research Students Share Project Findings During Research Showcase

On Tuesday, three students, Susan (Susie) McGowan ’23, Ella Hanley ’23 and Ana Drinan ’24 presented their Independent Applied Research projects to fellow students, parents/guardians and faculty and staff members. Students presented their topics and answered questions about findings and any challenges they faced during their research. 
Students enrolled in the Independent Applied Research course chose a topic they were passionate about and spent a good part of the school year researching it and designing their own original projects. 
Topics included:
  • Susie McGowan ’23: private prisons
  • Ella Hanley ’23: how music affects the brain
  • Ana Drinan ’24: how social media affects the mind 
Students were challenged to locate a diverse list of sources, including interviews and a variety of multimedia formats. They then included their findings in a review of literature document that synthesized their work. Finally, they developed a project that addressed a specific issue that they discovered in their research and shared it with the community. 
Throughout the semester the students supported each other online by sharing challenges and offering feedback through the Flipgrid app.