Cooking Club Creates Community

With a passion for food and how it is prepared coupled with a dash of persistence, Seniors Christine Nguyen and Mariah Szalapa established a school-wide Cooking Club.
The vision of these developing chefs was to introduce the community to food and recipes that can be easy to prepare, made from scratch and most importantly, fun to eat with friends. This common bond of enjoying the cooking process has brought over 50 students together.   
Under the tutelage of Dining Hall Director Mr. Frank Colosi, Student Success Coordinator Mrs. Deb Ross and Assistant Principal for Student Success Mrs. Adriane Hicks, the Cooking Club has shared favorite family recipes on their Google Classroom page and put the recipes into practice at least one cooking session a month. Christine and Mariah brought out their creative talents by preparing homemade entrees such as pizza, tortellini soup, crepes, waffles and overnight oats as well as falafels. Each item on this unique menu was memorable. Even Chef Frank was impressed by the skills that the young women showed in the kitchen. 
With their leadership, it is apparent that Christine and Mariah have brought their vision for the Cooking Club into clear view.    
The club is looking forward to more events next year under the leadership of Caroline Visnovsky ’25 and Jeanne Camara ’26.