Nine Students Earn National Awards for Community Service Impact

Nine students were recently recognized by the United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) and InnerView in the Sixth Annual National Community Service Awards. 
This program, open to all U.S. students, has been designed to connect student community service activities and commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform the world.
Student awardees include:
  • Ambassador Awardee with 100 hours of service this school year: Isabella Bellini ’23
  • Honor Awardees with 40 hours of service this school year: Anastasia Drinan ’24 and Megan Fredrick ’26
  • Merit Awardees with 25 hours of service this year school year: Katarina Payamgis ’24, Madison Roth ’23, Veronica Talan ’24, Sadie Urso Kriska ’24, Eden Vincent ’24 
  • Zero Hero Awardees with service focus on Zero Hunger or Zero Waste: Megan Fredrick ’26 and Katarina Payamgis ’24
  • Ohio Awardees with at least 20 hours invested in community service: Isabella Bellini ’23, Anastasia Drinan ’24, Megan Fredrick ’26, Katarina Payamgis ’24, Madison Roth ’23, Savannah Steele ’24, Veronica Talan ’24, Sadie Urso Kriska ’24 and Eden Vincent ’24 
These young women's efforts in serving their dear neighbors are commendable. Congratulations!