Community Welcomes New Students Through Yellow Rose Ceremony

On August 23, students, faculty and staff welcomed 178 members of the Class of 2027 and 4 transfer students into the Saint Joseph Academy community.
At the conclusion of the first all-school Mass of the new school year, the Yellow Rose Ceremony began with transfer students receiving a yellow rose by members of Student Council, signaling entrance into the Saint Joseph Academy community. Following the transfer students, each member of the Class of 2027 was given a yellow rose by either President Mrs. Kathryn Purcell or Principal Mr. Jeff Sutliff and then were warmly welcomed by the community. The Class of 2027 then gathered in the bleachers of the Academy Center for their class photo, due to the inclement weather. 
Roses have a special meaning to Saint Joseph Academy. Freshmen receive a yellow rose (which symbolizes joy and friendship) during their Rose Ceremony, signifying the start of their journey at Saint Joseph Academy. Students will then receive a single red rose their Junior year at the Upper-Class Induction Ceremony, signifying their transition to becoming upperclasswomen. As Seniors, students receive a bouquet of red roses (which symbolizes appreciation and respect) to carry during their “Walk of the Roses” ceremony, signifying the end of their journey and graduation from the Academy.
Click here to see photos from the Yellow Rose Ceremony.