Academy Welcomes Class of 1957 Members Back to Campus

Recently, a heartwarming reunion took place as members of the Class of 1957 joyfully returned to their dear alma mater. 
The alumnae were excited and eager to tour the campus to see all the changes since their time at the Academy. Of particular interest was Fitzmaurice Hall and taking the tunnel that connects the Academy building with Fitzmaurice Hall.
As the alumnae walked through the halls of the Academy building, they shared memories of their time at the Academy. Pat Cain Cameron '57 shared how she and 12 other students from her class petitioned to have the Academy offer physics classes. When offered, she was one of the first students to take physics. Carol Lane Greer '57 remembered that as a young girl, she would visit the Motherhouse (Fitzmaurice Hall) with her father who was a film projectionist. They would visit every Friday evening and play movies for the Sisters. They entered through a side door because the current steps leading to Fitzmaurice Hall were not built.
The tour concluded with a leisurely lunch on the Howley Scholars' Porch. The alumnae expressed their appreciation for the education they received at the Academy and marveled at the accomplishments of current students. 
Pictured: First row L-R: Carmie Rego Barrett '57Pat Cain Cameron '57Joyce McIntyre McAndrews '57
Second row L-R: President Mrs. Kathryn Purcell, Nancy Michel Butler '57Betty Hejra McCoy '57Kay Phillips Dorazio '57Carol Lane Greer '57Kay Walsh Petit '57 and Mitzi Werderitsch Duley '57