Artwork Selected for Emerging Artist Exhibition

Recently, the Ohio Art Education Association (OAEA) announced artwork selected for the 2023 OAEA Emerging Artists Exhibition. The exhibition received 260 submissions and 150 pieces were selected for show.
The Academy is proud to announce 11 students: Amelia Borisa ’24, Isabelle Iditoiu ’25, Gianna Reginelli ’25, Gianna Russo ’25, Daniela Candelaria-Luna ’26, Madelaine Catacutan ’26, Annemarie Dorsey ’25, Sienna Stephens ’25, Clare Grady ’26, Ella Kowalski ’26 and Adley Mack ’26 will display artwork in the exhibition. 
"The Emerging Artist show is an opportunity to highlight the talent, skill and work of young artists," Visual Arts Teacher and Department Chair Mrs. Tammy Sparks shared. "The show is for students that have only had one or two art classes so it's a great way to recognize young artists and encourage them to continue their path in the visual arts."
OAEA shared that the exhibition is “designed to motivate and inspire newer artists as they endeavor to excel in areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, crafts, digital art, photography and printmaking.” Selected artwork will be displayed at the Westerville Public Library from Saturday, September 9-September 23. Then, during the month of October, the artwork will be on display at the Ohio Department of Education in Columbus.