Angela Sutter-Martin '27

Accomplishments: Angela recently received a Knights Of Columbus of Ohio Charity Foundation Scholarship Award. She is one of 17 high school recipients across the state of Ohio for the 2023-24 school year.
"To me, receiving this scholarship gives me hope in continuing my path in this school and my education without worry as well as an understanding that anything can be accomplished if you believe in it," Angela shared.
Congratulations, Angela!
Activities and Interests: At Saint Joseph Academy, Angela is a member of Art Club and Shelter Helpers.
Favorite part about being a member of the Saint Joseph Academy community: Angela shared her favorite part is the loving community. "Through my first semester here and now the second, I recognize that everyone has some type of respect for each other even if you don't know everyone. Just in the past few months I have grown in my social circle and helped my friends and others along their journey," Angela shared.