Madeline Roisman '26

Accomplishments: Madeline is the co-editor of the Newspaper Club: Jaguar Beat
Madeline joined the Jaguar Beat as a Freshman writing articles. As a Sophomore, Madeline became the co-editor in addition to writing articles. 
“My favorite part about being involved with the Jaguar Beat is being able to participate in each step of publishing a newspaper from start to finish,” Madeline shared.
Activities and Interests: At Saint Joseph Academy, Madeline is co-editor of the Jaguar Beat, a member of Book Club, the Engineering & Design Honors Program, JagWire (the Academy’s sports broadcasting network) and the Tennis team.  
Favorite part about being a member of the Saint Joseph Academy community: “My favorite part about being a member of Saint Joseph Academy is the community and the amazing opportunities we are able to have because of this school,” Madeline shared.