HSHP Students Participate in Hands-On Learning

On Tuesday, Health Science Honors Program (HSHP) students participated in an interactive, hands-on learning workshop by the Great Lakes Science Center. 
Students, working in pairs, dissected a pig heart to learn how the heart pumps blood throughout the body. The students opened the heart and identified major structures including the four chambers, aorta, and heart valves.
Katherine Goodman '26 shared this reflection of the experience: "My favorite part of this experience was examining the inside of the pig heart and comparing similarities to my own heart. HSHP opportunities like the pig heart dissection have helped me narrow down what careers interest me and then I can eliminate the ones that don't. This helps me not spend a lot of time going down a career path that I might no longer want to pursue in the future." 
This hands-on learning opportunity is one of many offered throughout the school year to help HSHP students explore various careers in health science.