Reagan Stalla '24

Accomplishments: Reagan was a student leader for the Kairos 54 retreat. 
“I chose to lead Kairos because of the impact that I felt on my own experience,” Reagan shared. “Kairos taught me to learn, appreciate and love my life as well as the world around me. Going into my Kairos junior year, I was not expecting the sacred experience that I encountered on the retreat. Not only did I become more comfortable with who I am, but my relationship with my faith grew exponentially in a way I could have never imagined.”
Reagan also wanted to become active with Kairos to “pursue and strengthen leadership skills.” “During my time on Kairos LIV, I gave a witness which not only helped me gain confidence in myself but also gave courage to the retreatants,” Reagan shared. “I think this experience was one that made Kairos 54 so special to me and hopefully others.”
Activities and Interests: At Saint Joseph Academy, Reagan is the captain of the Rugby team. 
Future Career Plans: Reagan is still deciding on a college major, but will be attending The Ohio State University. “I am excited to further my education and career as an athlete,” Reagan shared.