Ella McCabe '25

Accomplishments: Ella broke two school Softball records during the Wednesday, May 1 game against Lake Catholic High School. Ella holds the Academy’s Home Run record with nine runs and the Runs Batted In (RBI) record with 47.
“Breaking two school records is a huge accomplishment for my personal growth as an athlete and demonstrates how much time I have put into this sport,” Ella shared. “Going into high school, I would have never imagined breaking any records. To be honest, the best part about breaking the records was seeing the excitement and support from my teammates. Having them there really made the whole experience more meaningful and memorable for me.”
Ella began playing fastpitch softball at 9-years-old and has been playing for the Jaguars since Freshman year. 
“My favorite part about softball is the relationships and life skills that come out of it,” Ella shared. “Most of the people I have come to care most about I met through this sport. I love how the sport has taught me to be patient with myself and not quick to improve not only with softball, but my own life.” 
Congratulations, Ella!
Activities and Interests: At Saint Joseph Academy, in addition to being a member of Varsity Softball, Ella is a member of Concert Band. Ella also participates in musical ensembles at St. Edward High School.