A Saint Joseph Academy student's day is a mix of academics, faith and fun. The Academy has a college-based block schedule, which means four 85-minute classes each day. That consists of an A Block, B Block, C Block and D Block. Those blocks rotate every two weeks to keep students interested and engaged in their individual learning.

There are two "Activity" Blocks each day, that always start at 10:54 a.m. and last until 12:06 p.m. This time is used by students for lunch in our renovated Dining Hall, club meetings, exercise, socializing and study time. On nice days, students may gather outside on our expansive and scenic campus overlooking the Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation. They may sit on Adirondaks near our Rain Garden, on The Scholars' Porch overlooking the campus, or even on the Howley Terrace located right off the Dining Hall. Rooms have also been set aside for active group learning during students' study halls and lunch time.

On Holy Days and other special occasions, students have the opportunity to attend Mass in The Academy Center. These Masses celebrate our faith-filled community of Saint Joseph Academy. The young women of Saint Joseph Academy may during any free time visit the newly remodeled Chapel, located across the Main Office, for reflection and prayer.

After school, many students participate in any of our intramural or 11 Varsity sports, including Cross Country, Rugby, Crew, Track & Field, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Golf, Softball, Tennis or our new Lacrosse program. 

Of course, there are certain Jaguar traditions that fill an SJA students' schedule - Pride Bowl, Freshmen Orientation and Welcome, Mixers, the Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Daughter Brunch and Mass, Legacy Breakfasts, Penny Wars, Pep Rallies, Homecoming, Fall and Spring Plays, the traditional "Battle Across the Bridge" basketball games, Senior Parade, and last but certainly not least, the Paws For Pride all-day fun-day in May.

A Saint Joseph Academy student is always challenged and never bored! Go Jaguars!
ABCD Rotation
A 8:00 AM 9:25 AM
AP 1 8:00 AM 8:56 AM
AP 2 8:59 AM 9:55 AM
AP 3 9:58 AM 10:54 AM
B 9:29 AM 10:54 AM
Activity 1 10:58 AM 11:28 AM
Activity 2 11:32 AM 12:02 PM
C 12:06 PM 1:31 PM
D 1:35 PM 3:00 PM

CDAB Rotation
C 8:00 AM 9:25 AM
D 9:29 AM 10:54 AM
Activity 1 10:58 AM 11:28 AM
Activity 2 11:32 AM 12:02 PM
A 12:06 PM 1:31 PM
AP 1 12:06 PM 1:02 PM
AP 2 1:05 PM 2:01 PM
AP 3 2:04 PM 3:00 PM
B 1:35 PM 3:00 PM